Currently known as [Ee] EMPIRE/*\ELITE; our team was originally founded as [/*\] Empire Elite, February 3, 2007, on Resistance: Fall of Man. We were the top objectives-based and overall clan on Resistance: Fall of Man during the vast majority of the game's entire 2nd year (November 2007 through November 2008), at which point about 1/3rd of us left for the newly released Resistance 2, and the rest went elsewhere or retired. What made us great and what separated us from the rest was the fact that we were known to not use LAARKs, 40mms, or tags. Most players who have played the game will tell you that these weapons ranked as the most unbalanced weapons and required little to no skill to achieve a kill. Along with this restriction, we did not spawn camp (which a lot of teams used as a tactic to make opponents quit for an easier second round), quit or back out of any games, and we capped the flags/nodes without delay. Even though we restricted ourselves to skilled-only gameplay, we were still able to win early and often.

We consistently set very long winning streaks in the hundreds against opponents who attempted to take any and every advantage for an 'easy way out'. We shutout many teams and won a lot of games so fast that we even had a member leave with the complaint that we, and I'm quoting, "win too fast". In April of 2008, we battled our nearest objectives-based competitors to see who could truly make the claim of being the best in the game. We went on to post a 2W - 0L 1tie record in the clan battle. We challenged the reigning TDM champions (GWL being the most active and most widely recognized ladders at the time, since GB no longer supported ladders for the game) on multiple occasions to a 3 game-modes clan battle to decide the best overall clan in the game. They repeated denied or chose to ignore us, perhaps fearing an impending loss to us. While they may have been able to seal a victory in TDM (considering we had 3-1k/d potential members ourselves, that would be up for debate), I believe they would've fallen flat on their faces when it came to the CTF and Meltdown matches, with us having already proved ourselves against our strongest competition in those areas.

In Resistance 2 we did not fair quite as well, but were still able to contend with top teams. With over 2/3rds of our roster not available, our leader being out for about a month and a half, among other issues, proved to be major set-backs during the first and only season we played on the game. We eventually were able to finish within the top 16 (for the possibility of a team tournament). Some misplaced recruitment, no-show losses, and minor DQs prevented us from placing higher. Some high points include the fact that we took on all challenges, facing the #1 ranked team at the time on 6 separate occasions (3 different teams, twice each), and that we defeated a team 2-0 that went on to be undefeated in each season following season 1. These 7 matches against top teams were 35% of our matches, so we clearly didn't shy away from anyone. We also didn't take any free no-show or DQ wins from our opponents to pad our W/L ratio and standing on the ladder.

Scientific and/or Charitable Donations: Our Folding@home team (ID# 121777) is ahead of 99.5% of the other teams overall, with a total of over 5,250,000pts contributed to the research program. This is the equivalent of a PlayStation 3 system running the program non-stop, 24/7/365, for over 14 straight years! That is a relatively considerable donation of electricity and time by our members and friends in the name of scientific and medical research.

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